16 Dec

Music Talk: Marea Stamper, Smartbar’s Creative Director Talks Shop

Marea email pic
If you’re a dj, or a producer, or someone that loves Smartbar

you may have thought about what the creative director,

Marea Stamper is looking for when she chooses a resident

or a dj to play at the club.

yah, me too…

so I called her up and asked for an interview.

and she said she was down to talk…

Marea was so gracious with her knowledge and talked about

– her path to Smartbar

– what Smartbar is looking for in a resident

– how she books djs to play at the club

I believe that success leaves clues, and she has left lots of

them and if you listen, you take what she says to heart

you may just find your way to where you want to be.

So click the image below to listen the interview.

Wasn’t she inspiring! I know I’ve changed the way I’m approaching jobs that I’m working at.

After you listen to this interview, I’ve got a question, what do you do to get gigs?

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